Domain Architecture Visualisation Tool


DAVI accepts three types of input files:

1) Protein sequences in FASTA format (max 200 sequences)- Download it

2) hmmscan output - Download it
This file can be obtained after runing hmmscan program on Pfam database (max 10K lines)

2) Domain architecture output - Download it (max 1000 lines)
You can provide domain architectures obtained by any tool, please use DAMA format that contains one protein per line, see bellow how to convert DAMA output

#Run the below command in the terminal, replace [DAMA_INPUT_FILE] and [DAMA_OUTPUT_FILE] with your files
ramtmp="$(mktemp -p /dev/shm/)"; awk -F '\t' '{if (p == $4) {toPrint=toPrint"\t"$5" "$1" "$2" "$3} else {p = $4; print toPrint; toPrint=$4"\t"$5" "$1" "$2" "$3}} END {print toPrint}' [DAMA_OUTPUT_FILE] > $ramtmp; awk -F'\t' 'NR==FNR{a[$4]=$10;next}{$1=$1"\t"a[$1]; print $0}' [DAMA_INPUT_FILE] $ramtmp | tail -n +2 | tr ' ' '\t' > DamaArchs.txt